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You're probably more than ready to finish one of the best years of your life, how exciting!


By now, I'm sure you're a selfie master and know ALL of the angles. But friend, let me tell you...this momentous occasion deserves to be documented with more than a Snap, a silly dance on Tiktok, or a post on Insta. This achievement is worthy of celebration with iconic photos you'll love for life.


Maybe you've heard it a dozen times already, but it's so true, this is the start of the rest of your life!


But before you rush to flip that tassel and dance into the next chapter of your life, let's capture this moment with a phenomenal photoshoot experience that celebrates the essence of you!

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Where did the time go???


Did you already get a little choked up when you realized it was time to book senior photos for your kiddo? I feel ya. My son's senior year literally felt like a countdown. I felt like I was rushing to get all of my vital parenting lessons taught and found myself wondering how did we already get here?


I'm sure it doesn't seem that long ago that you had just wiped the tears from your cheek as you took them to their first day of kindergarten. And now, you're preparing them to leave the nest.


You're probably also busy double-checking to make sure they've completed a ton of graduation requirements because although they need autonomy to prepare for the future, they're still our kids. Believe me, I get it. And in case no one has already told you...YOU'VE DONE A GREAT JOB.


So let's pop the cork on this confetti (or champagne) and celebrate this huge milestone for your senior and YOU!


I promise to capture the best of your high school senior and serve both of you with an unforgettable experience that celebrates all that you love about them.


how we can work togetherBotanical image
$750* a wardrobe consultation to discuss what outfits to wear & plan your outfits
* access to the RRP studio wardrobe closet
* professional hair and makeup
* 2 local outdoor locations
* 2 hours of shoot time with 3 outfit looks
* an in person design & order appointment to reveal your fabulous photos
Senior Signature session02.includes:
>questionsFrequently Asked
The sooner the better! Because temperatures can get so overwhelming, I only book senior sessions between October and April. These sessions book months in advance. If you'd like a session in the fall, contact me in the summer. And if you'd like a spring session (my favorite) , contact me in the winter. When should I
book my session?
The Senior Signature Session includes access to the fabulous studio wardrobe closet. The closet is full of beautiful pieces personally curated for the client who loves flattering, classic, feminine style. All clients will receive tips on styling the perfect look with the location and their personality in mind.What should I wear?01.
There are two senior session experiences offered ranging in price. In addition to the session fee, all digital images, and artwork like custom framing, heirloom albums, announcements, and more are all purchased separately. You only need to buy what you love and want! Please inquire using the contact form for full pricing details. How much
does a session cost?
Believe it or not, mom present during your senior photoshoot is actually the norm with my clients. I'm willing to bet that 99.9% of my clients truly enjoy having a parent at their session. Sometimes parents worry about getting in the way or making their senior nervous, but honestly, they make the best assistants! They're always up to try to make you chuckle or fan you like diva. I welcome mom to attend because it can also be a great experience to see you so happy & enjoying yourself.Do Parents Usually come
to senior pictures?
The truth is, no. You don't have to have professional senior photos done. But, senior pictures are worthy of more than cell phone pics or favors from a friend with a good enough camera. Senior pictures with a personalized portrait session that reveals your personality is what makes this milestone even more spectacular.

"The purpose of a portrait is to memorialize an image of someone for the future." - Beth S. Gersh-Nesic, Ph.D.
do I really need to
have professional
senior photos?
NO! Every senior portrait is professionally retouched, unless otherwise requested. This means, zits are removed as though they were never there! I like to keep retouching to a minimum so you still look like yourself and if there is anything you'd like me to address in post production, please let me know ahead of time. Also, our makeup artist team is PHENOMENAL about hiding blemishes and inflammation if that's a concern. They know how to get your skin camera ready & make your photos go from average to spectacular. It's the day of my session
& i have a big zit on my
nose, should i cancel?




I'm Reaj


I am a full-service, senior portrait photographer located in Chandler, Arizona serving the Phoenix and surrounding areas.


You may have already noticed that I primarily photograph newborns and babies. However, when I first started my photography business, I began with high school seniors. Fast forward 10 years, and seniors still hold a special place in my heart.


Just like a newborn, starting a new life, seniors are on the verge of starting their new lives.


I am passionate about serving my senior clients and their parents with a phenomenal portrait experience. A good time is promised to be had by all.


From wardrobe styling, professional hair & makeup, custom artwork design, and in-home frame installation...I am here to take care of all of this for you.

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