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This is where I feature my favorite sessions of gorgeous pregnancies, precious newborns, cuddle munchkins who have just learned to sit up, fabulous first birthdays, wonderful families, and stunning high school seniors. Stick around for sneak peeks, studio updates, and a little razzle dazzle.

Peek into what it's like when you commission RRP for your next maternity, newborn, 6 month, one year, or family portrait session.  Here is where I'll share behind the scenes and tips for preparing for your next portrait session with me. 

The First Year Collective

From the butterfly flutters in your tummy to the tiny toes, heartwarming giggles, and bright adoring eyes of your one-year-old.  These are memories of my babies I cherish and memories I will capture during your baby’s first year of life.  Chubby arms and thighs, soft hair, and the gentle smell of baby wash.  Wobbly legs assisted standing, and trusting hands.  Don’t skip a beat of documenting these times with beautifully designed photography sessions with the First Year Collection.


The First Year Collective

* Your choice of (3) portrait sessions:

Maternity Session:  This session is done either on location or in the studio, typically around 32-36 weeks of pregnancy.  Mothers have access to custom-designed maternity gowns and professional makeup application by a licensed cosmetologist is included.

Newborn Session: This session is done in my natural light studio where I will use soft, delicate textures in creamy white and neutral tones to photograph your newborn as they are naturally, and simply. These sessions are best to have done when your baby is between 7-21 days new and may take up to 3 hours.

Sitter Session: The first milestones your baby develops that I want to capture are holding their head up with ease while on their tummy and sitting upright, without assistance. The ability to accomplish both usually happens around 5-7 months. Around this time babies also start to respond to smiles, and discover their chubby little feet, grabbing them and putting in their mouths. I recommend scheduling your baby’s “sitter” session as soon as your baby begins to sit up on their own, and just before they begin to crawl or walk.

First Birthday Session: The first birthday is one of the biggest milestones and it is a celebratory time you don’t want to miss. You and your baby have made it through the first year, and honestly, you should both feel a sense of accomplishment. Your baby may be standing or walking at this time and may even have a few teeth. This session begins with your baby’s portrait, then moves on to a simple set-up with a petite cake provided by our professional baker, followed by a quick splash in a bucket of bubbles.

Sessions take place inside my natural light home studio and last about 45-60 minutes. Parents and siblings are welcome to join baby in these portrait sessions and a full wardrobe for mom, baby, and young siblings size 5T and smaller is available as well as a few tops for dad. Shoes are not typically worn for indoor sessions. An outdoor session can be scheduled at one of my designated locations, for any of the milestones, with the exception of the newborn session as climate and other environmental elements will need to be controlled.