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Fun Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

September 6, 2019

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Fun ways to celebrate Grandparents Day | Reaj Roberts Photography

National Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 8, 2019.  In light of this holiday, I wanted to honor some of the lovely grandparents who have visited my studio over the past year.  This also gave me the idea to share with you some fun ways your family can celebrate this holiday.

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

  • Interview one (or both) of their grandparents

There doesn’t have to be a ton of planning to come with interview questions to ask.  If you have young children, ask them something they may want to know about their grandparents.  They may need a little help to brainstorm some ideas.  But, I think you will find their curiosity will soon take over.  You will be surprised about what they come up with.  One simple question can lead to a well of colorful responses.  For example, I asked my 8-year-old daughter if she were to interview her grandparents, what would she ask?  Here are some questions she came up with:

    • Where were you born?
    • What did your home look like?
    • What were you like as a kid?
    • What was it like at your school?
    • What grades did you get in school?  Did you receive a lot of As?
    • What was your favorite subject in school?
    • What kind of classes did you take in school?
    • Was your homework hard?
    • Did you have pets?  Were your pets nice?
    • What were your mom and dad like?
    • Did you like doing crafts?
    • What activities did you do?
    • What was mommy/daddy like as a kid?
  • Go on a Date Together

Special one-on-one time with a grandparent is a perfect way to celebrate them.  A simple outing to an ice cream shop, the movies, or McDonald’s can be time well invested.  For older kids, it’s always a nice idea to get them outside walking, free from technological distractions.  Teenagers may not engage very much, but they for sure are observant.  Give them this time to create some positive memories with their grandparents.

  • Make a Meal Together

Whether making one of grandma’s famous recipes or discovering new recipes, time together in the kitchen is always fun.  My daughter loves to help cook and learn new cooking skills.  She always feels so proud of herself when she makes something delicious.  Some of my favorite meals my mom made when I was a child are banana nut bread, casserole, meatloaf, and homemade tortillas.

  • Read a Book Together

Two playful “how-to” books I recommend are How to Babysit A Grandma, and How to Babysit A Grandpa by Jean Reagan.

How to babysit a grandma How to babysit a grandpa

  • Create a Memory Book for Your Grandchild or Grandchildren

Before I got into photography fulltime as a business, I was really into creating scrapbooks for my family.  As my children have gotten older, it has become more difficult to find the time to craft so I have begun to journal.  Maybe your grandchild or grandchildren are too young to ask you questions about your past.  Don’t let this keep them from learning more about you!  One awesome way to do this is by creating a memory book or journal specifically with them in mind.  What an awesome heirloom to look through with them when they get older.  I have found one that looks super sentimental and thought-provoking on Amazon called For My Grandchild: A Grandparent’s Gift of Memory by Lark Crafts.

Memories for my grandchild

  • Have a Photoshoot with Grandparent(s)

A photoshoot with a grandparent is definitely my favorite way to celebrate Grandparents Day.  There are so many obvious reasons as to why family photos should include grandparents.  Grandparents love having portraits of their grandchildren.  Including them in these photos is a gift not only to them but to everyone in the family.

Personally, I don’t have any photos of me and my grandparents and this saddens me.  What disappoints me, even more, is that I don’t have any photos of my father with my daughter.  My father ADORED my children.  He was so proud of them and he enjoyed showering them with gifts.  Our youngest was 3 years old when he passed away.  I regret not making more of an effort to capture our legacy in photos.  Believe me, a photo with grandparents and grandchildren together is an heirloom that will be cherished for generations.

Below are some of my favorite client images within the past year with grandparents.

Generations photos with grandmother, mother, and daughters by Reaj Roberts PhotographyGrandmother, mother, and daughter photo | Reaj Roberts PhotographyGenerations photos with mothers, grandmothers and daughters by Reaj Roberts Photographynewborn photos with mom and grandma | Reaj Roberts Photographynewborn photos with mother and grandmother | Reaj Roberts Photographynewborn photos with mom and grandmother | Reaj Roberts Photographyfamily photos with grandmother, daughter, and son by Reaj Roberts PhotographySpring family photos with grandma and granddaughters | Reaj Roberts Photography

How to Honor and Remember a Grandparent Who Has Passed Away

This one was a hard one for me.  Just over four years ago, I lost my father to a sudden heart attack.  One way we remember my dad in our home is I tell a lot of stories about him.  I think about him daily – some days a lot more than others with memories both funny and some kind of blah.  What is so awesome to me is that in my mind, I can still hear his robust voice and his silly jokes.  I totally know what he would say about the current events in my life.  It’s so nice that my husband remembers him well enough to confirm my memories and smile or laugh with me in agreement.  This gives me comfort and keeps his memory alive.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about these fun ways to celebrate Grandparents Day!  Hopefully, you feel inspired to make the most of your time together with your child’s grandparents.  Thanks for reading!


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Hello there friend! I'm Reaj, pronounced like, a "ray-a" sunshine. This is where I feature some of my favorite sessions of gorgeous pregnancies, precious newborns, cuddle munchkins who have just learned to sit up, fabulous first birthdays, and wonderful families. Stick around for sneak peeks, studio updates, and a little razzle dazzle.

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