“POSH” New Logo and Rebranding | Reaj Roberts Photography | Chandler Photographer

Um, who has a “POSH” new logo and new business name? Yeah, that me.  For the past few weeks I have been working with a graphic designer, Mary Gardner, on my logo and rebranding my business.  Mary is so creative and knowledgable and a pleasure to work with.  I am so lucky to have her on my team, especially in my first year of business.  We have tossed ideas back and forth about colors, styles, symbols, and possible themes for my logo and I am so excited for her world premiere.  Here she is!!!

Most importantly, I have decided to change my business name.  I am proud to announce “Reaj Roberts Photography”.  Posh Tots Photography has been expanding, (through the grace of God), and I have been lucky to include clients other than TOTS in my portfolio (yay!).  So, what better name to use to promote my brand, than my own?  I realize the idea may seem a tad primitive, however, a lot of factors went into my initial decision to use another name so the decision to head back to my original plan of using my personal name took me a while to come to grips with.  

My list of apprehensions about using “Reaj Roberts Photography” was a lengthy one.  Anyone with a name spelled uniquely can sympathize with me.  Seriously, imagine all of the school years, business meetings and phone calls I have received from strangers asking to speak with “Reeg”, “Reggie”, “Ree-aj”, etc…the list seems infinite.  By the way, my name is pronounced “Ray-a”.  You know, like a “ray-a-sunshine” – I would never fault you for mispronouncing.  I just felt I would save folks the anxiety of mispronouncing my name.

However, when I really thought about the message or brand I want my business name to convey to my clients, I thought of these words: fun, relaxed, happy, excited, and most of all POSH!  I think these words pretty much describe me and the sessions I dream of offering my clients.  I want to build positive relationships with my clients that will last throughout the years; provide them with a relaxed environment they can have fun in; and most of all, I want my clients to feel just as happy and excited as I am about their session all the while providing them with stylish images they’ll cherish.  

So, the question remains, how do you like my new logo?


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