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Many people I meet look at my newborn portraits and say to me, “Wow, you must really have patience to do that!”. In part, yes, I do think there is a special breed of folk who are patient and do well in newborn photography, and those who’s gifts and specialties lay better suited elsewhere. I guess what fuels my patience is knowing I can accomplish the phenomenal gift of portrait art for each family if I stay calm and give each session all I have. The sessions are longer than your average photography session (2-3 hours), the studio is kept warm (roughly 80 degrees), and there is a ton of bending, crouching, and kneeling. It is seriously labor intensive. So what gives? Why newborn photography?

It has been my experience that every newborn I have the privilege of holding for the first time instantly takes me back in time to when I first held my own children. When I hold a newborn for the first time, a smile instantly grows across my face and I begin to speak a completely different language (mostly consisting of some high pitched mumbling one might use to communicate with their pet). I am seriously beginning to believe something chemical goes on inside of me because its like everything around me melts away and all I can see, smell or hear is the baby in front of me.

There is NO other feeling in the entire WORLD that has filled my heart with such joy and happiness as when I held my children Caleb and Leila Belle for the first time. There is no other event that has made me feel like my life has such deep purpose. Knowing I had been blessed with the tremendous task of motherhood was overwhelming and at times, it was a little difficult for me to comprehend what made me so special to become a mother when many others could not. Add to this, when I saw how amazing my husband was in his new found fatherhood (cue the tears and take a deep breath now) and how patiently and gracefully he cared for me, I became completely smitten with him as when we had first met. The rush of emotion, appreciation, and thankfulness I had for my husband each time our children were born was completely unexpected, and the memory of this chokes me up every single time I think about it.

Me, Shawn, and Caleb.

Me, Shawn, and Caleb.

Me, Shawn & Leila Belle.

Me, Shawn & Leila Belle.

The first few days of my children’s lives were the most happiest times of my life as I am sure it is for all new mommies. The fact that so many mommies have entrusted me with the opportunity to photograph their newborn’s first few days of life is an honor that is not lost by me. It is a privilege to be one of the very first few people in the world your child has ever met and it is amazing.

These raw, delicate, and deeply personal emotions are what I strive to capture in my portrait sessions. A newborn will never again be as small as they are in their first few days of life; never curl up into a squishy position as if they were still in the womb; and never be this fragile and vulnerable again. I illustrate these emotions and memories of each newborn’s introduction to their family and to the world through my photography. This fulfills me and is why I specialize in the miraculous art of newborn photography.

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